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Cognitive Confinement

What is it to open your eyes but not see?

And not register the conversations you hear?

When your mind is overflowing but also empty, 

Maybe you should be afraid, yet you can’t comprehend the fear,

You’re trapped in your head, with no exit, no entry,

And no one can save you here.

It’s all up to you, but what does that mean? 

Do you have the right tools to succeed? 

They say “Calm down, relax. There’s no need to cause a scene.”

You can take a deep breath. That’s great, but not the answer you need,

It’s more complex than that when these insensible thoughts intervene. 

Is it possible to feel everything while also feeling nothing at all? The girl wrapped her arms around her knees as a throbbing pain pulsed throughout her head. It was not a typical headache. No, it was something the girl despised much more. It was the feeling of numbness that flooded her mind. A murky cognitive prison that did its best to obstruct all other feelings and emotions. 

The girl dug her fingernails into her palms, hoping the pain would distract her. Her efforts were to no avail. She was left only with crescent moon-shaped indents on her reddened palms. 

Time quickly became the girl’s enemy as her connection with the world wavered in and out of consciousness. She knew the agonizingly numb suffering would not last forever. Nonetheless, waiting it out was torturous. The girl desperately searched through what was left of her barely functioning thoughts. She pleaded for any remnants of reason remaining in her current mindset. However, there was not much to work with; her thoughts and emotions were nearly indecipherable. 

The girl felt a familiar presence approach behind her. Confirming her suspicions, she slowly turned around to face Obstruction. The figure’s broad form towered over the girl as she squinted to make out its blurred, flickering features.  

“You’re back?” The girl asked as she gritted her teeth in pain from her surging headache. 

Obstruction remained silent, disregarding the girl’s question. 

“Why won’t you answer me? Why must you never talk?” The girl demanded, her voice louder. 

Still, Obstruction refrained from giving any explanations. 

“No! Why do you do this? Why do you come here to ignore me?” The girl shouted at Obstruction. She spun in a half circle, turning her back to the soundless figure. 

The figure briefly blinked out of the room. It then reappeared in front of the girl. She gasped in surprise, for Obstruction appeared to have grown even more giant and monstrous. “Say something, anything!” The girl pleaded as anguish etched into her expression.

At first, Obstruction stared at her through foggy eyes. However, something different happened as a thin outline of a mouth slowly engraved itself into the figure’s shadowy face.

The girl took a small step back, surprise flashing across her features. She watched in astonishment as Obstruction opened its newly formed mouth and spoke seven simple words. “Why have you made me your enemy?” 

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