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Contemplative Coherence

The crescent moon glowed brighter than usual, its radiant light illuminating all it touched. The girl tilted her face upward and let the crisp moonlight wash over her, the last of her recent tears drying against her flushed cheeks.

She shifted her attention to her companion, Coherence. Sensing her gaze, Coherence turned away from the radiant stars dotting the sky and locked eye contact with the girl.

“Something’s missing.” The girl said quietly.

“And what would that be?” Coherence questioned.

“Well, I’m not quite sure, yet I know there’s still more I need to find out about life.” She replied.

“What do you want for yourself?” Coherence asked, his eyes seemingly glowing with anticipation.

“I…I want things to make sense. I want to understand the world around me, not just blindly sort my way through it.” The girl answered, her eyebrows creased in concentration.

“Alas, the world doesn’t give out answers for free. Some you may never come across despite how hard you look. Other answers are deceiving and leave you with more questions and confusion.” Coherence replied, his previously bright eyes turning to black pits of solemn admonishment.

“There must be a way to make sense of things.” The girl countered, her voice rich with determination.

“With persistence and time, you’ll come across concepts and notions of peace and comprehension in your existence. Life is more of a maze than a cycle.” Coherence responded.

“But it hurts. How do I abolish this pain of feeling lost and bewildered?” The girl questioned as she pressed a palm to her forehead.

“Concentrate on what you do know. Set achievable goals and focus on what is important to you. It is impossible to understand everything. However, you have a significantly higher chance of comprehending things when you learn and process one step at a time.”

“I suppose I can try.” The girl sighed as she looked up at the crescent moon again, its luminescent light accentuating the nearby buildings and trees.

“Good. Being willing to try is one of the most essential steps.” Coherence said over his shoulder as he silently walked away into the night.

The girl remained where she was, soaking in the moonlight for a moment longer. She did not know if she would see Coherence again, but she would keep his words close. And that was enough. The girl felt a wave of relief wash over her as she took one more deep breath before walking toward her home.

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