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Creation and Destruction


What gives life meaning? When it’s all simplified, are we just creating and destroying? Perhaps those are the only crucial aspects. We have to create before we destroy and destroy before we can create. Is it all just an endless merry-go-round of making and breaking? Of ourselves, our lives, our surroundings. We’re alive, but we’re dying. We’re building and we’re breaking. So what are we left with in the end? Does it all even out and reset? No, that can’t be right. Will the scales ever balance? Are we adding or subtracting? I may feel lost now, but have we ever known where we were going? 

The mind, body, and soul; maybe that’s what gives us meaning. How we think, live, and nourish. We’re alive; is that all that matters? Or the bare minimum of a blank slate waiting to be filled. Once you say something, it can’t be reversed, but do we have the time to hesitate? I open my mouth but then shut it. And now it’s simply too late. 

Creation and destruction go hand in hand but are also an internal fight. How many times can we build and break? If we mess up can we rewind and rewrite? There is only so much time; how do we decide where to spend it? 

Creation and Destruction

The land was bare. That was the best way to sum it all up. The once-tall buildings and spectacular homes had been erased. Torn down like nothing, reduced to dust that was long gone and carried away in the wind. In the middle of the scattered remains, Creation kneeled and grasped a handful of dirt. Bringing the handful close to her solemn face, she whispered into it. A small flower bloomed in the pile of dirt. Satisfied with the blossom, Creation placed it into the ground. 

“Where do we go now?” Creation asked calmly as she examined the ruins surrounding her and her sister.

“We simply go where we are needed.” Destruction replied softly. 

“You think the rest of the world still needs us?” Creation questioned, turning towards Destruction. 

“They always will. We are the foundation for all. We provide the balance they lack.” Destruction answered as she turned towards the long dirt road that would take them away from the perished town. 

The two sisters walked in silence for a long while until they approached a fork in the dusty, traveled road. To the left, a bright, flourishing town brimmed with power, riches, and glory. To the right, a worn down, broken piece of land housed the diminished dreams of lost and confused residents. 

Destruction took a step towards the left path, following the sound of careless, potent wealth. 

“Why must you tear them apart?” Creation asked softly.

“They do not realize what they have and what they took from others. Life is a cycle. Everything must come to an end so that other things can begin in their place.” Destruction replied as she took another steady step forward. “Without ruination, your work would be insignificant.”

“Well then, I suppose I will see you on the other side.” Creation murmured as she stared off into the distance beyond the two towns, both fractured in their own ways. 

“Yes, I will see you when our work is done.” Destruction acknowledged as both sisters began to walk down their paths. 

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