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Restorative Reminiscence

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A Future Occupied by Memories

Memories contribute a considerable amount to what makes us who we are. The people, actions, and environment surrounding our lives impact our process of interpreting and feeling things. Our memories are an unreliable guide to our past selves.

However, our memories can hold us back if given too much control. They warn and remind us, although they also instill fear and pain from past experiences. The future brings uncertainty and unknown risks, while the past encloses us in the familiarity and security of the events which have already come to pass.

Yet, no matter how tremendous or terrible our pasts may have been, we cannot recreate them. Our futures will bring about new twists and turns, despite how hard we may try to hold onto former times.

Restorative Reminiscence

“Will I ever forget those days?” The girl asked, her expression distant.

“Do you want to forget them?” Reminiscence questioned.

“Things would be easier if I could forget,” the girl replied slowly.

“Perhaps, but that doesn’t answer my question,” Reminiscence countered.

“I want to remember, but I don’t want to remain trapped in memories,” the girl sighed.

“The past is already over, but it provides knowledge from previous experiences.” Reminiscence crossed his arms as he studied the girl.

The girl held eye contact with Reminiscence for a prolonged moment, “There are times I feel myself slipping away. Like I am falling back into distant memories. Sinking under the surface of the present time, losing myself in the timeline of an already played-out past. I want to move forward, not replay what I’ve previously done.”

“When did your memories become a prison?” Reminiscence asked, his attention locked onto the girl.

“I suppose when I stopped fully processing and comprehending them,” the girl turned away from Reminiscence and faced the racing water barreling under the old bridge they stood on.

“The past can be tricky like that. Memories will never stop their procedure of being made until your mind stops working and your heart stops beating.” Reminiscence moved to stand beside the girl as he, too, watched the water flow endlessly beneath them.

“How do I stay in the present time while also deciphering memories?” The girl murmured, discouragement filling her voice.

“It’s about finding balance. Recalling the correct memories in times when that knowledge may be useful,” Reminiscence responded steadily.

The girl suddenly turned to Reminiscence, her eyes narrowed, “Have we had this conversation before?”

“My dear, we aren’t having any conversation right now,” Reminiscence whispered. In one swift movement, he pushed the girl off the bridge, his expression blank. Before the girl could scream, her eyes flashed open, and caught sight of her bedroom ceiling.

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