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The Eyes of Anxiety

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Her eyes were closed, yet she could still feel their gazes burning into her. Maybe if she just squeezed her eyelids together a bit tighter, it would feel as if she were alone. But alas, that did nothing except further the girl’s growing headache. She was surrounded by strangers. Drowning in a hectic sea of frenzied partygoers. The girl did enjoy parties, but not like this, not when there were more people than space in the room. No, these events overwhelmed every last of her senses and often sent her spiraling into a panic.

With delicate caution, the girl slowly opened her eyes. A pleasant surprise and a wave of relief washed over the girl as she surveyed the dimly lit room. For no one seemed to be paying her any attention, just as she liked it. However, that relief dispersed as her attention snapped to the furthest corner of the room, where a pair of bright blue eyes locked with her own golden-hazel eyes. The smile beneath those bright blue eyes widened in acknowledgment of the girl’s attention, but it was not a kind smile. No, it was a debauched smile that filled the girl with unease. Her sense of inquietude only furthered as the figure with the bright blue eyes began weaving through the crowd towards the girl.

Hastily searching for an exit, she spun around in a half circle, eyeing the doorway and the obstacle of people blocking it. Not seeing better options, the girl tucked her chin to her chest and began pushing through the dense crowd. The short distance took what felt like ages as the girl’s panicked breath continuously caught in her throat. ‘Is the door getting further away?’ Her thoughts pestered her, ‘You’ll never make it out of this room.’ The girl paused as her thoughts played repeatedly in her head. However, when she looked up, the door truly was much closer than before. With new determination, the girl continued weaving her way toward the exit.

At last, she freed herself from the building and gulped in the night’s crisp air. Before she could fully catch her breath, a hand seized her by the shoulder. Pivoting around, the girl gasped as her eyes locked with the pair of bright blue eyes belonging to the figure from inside. “Why are you following me?” She questioned, stepping out of the figure’s reach.

“I could sense your distress from miles away. Such a strong manifestation of it. How could I stay away?” The figure tilted its head to the side, studying the girl. “My name is Anxiety. We know each other quite well, you and I.”

“I don’t want anything to do with you. Leave me be!” The girl shouted, a tangled sense of frightened skepticism and apprehension coating her voice.

“You know I can’t do that. I will follow you wherever you go. There’s no easy escape.” Anxiety taunted, taking a step closer to the girl.

“What will it take? How do I elude your unwanted attention?”

Anxiety recoiled at the harsh words, a hint of fiendish exhilaration flashing in its alluring eyes. “You’re asking the right questions; however, I don’t know if you’re ready. You possess substantial amounts of self-doubt.”

“I want to change that. I despise worrying over countless things. I…” The girl’s words trailed off as she rested her forehead in her palm.

Anxiety studied the girl for a moment. Its bright blue eyes looked the girl up and down. “Back in the room, you stopped on your way out. When you lifted your head, you didn’t look back at me but toward the exit. Why?

“Well, I suppose… it's because I figured the door would still be far away, although I didn’t know for sure. And when I checked, it was actually quite close by.”

“You weren’t worrying about me and took time to challenge your biased assumptions instead. By defying your unwanted worries and questioning their authenticity, it can become much simpler to sort through situations.” Anxiety said to the girl.

“What if I’m too panicked at the moment to question things?” The girl asked.

“You ask too many questions.” Anxiety drawled, “You’ll have to make a habit of challenging your thoughts. Prepare yourself before you go into situations that bring you to panic and review what went well and what didn’t after such events.”

The girl took a long, deep breath. “I will try.”

“Yes, that is the best place to start.” Anxiety replied, expression neutral, but blue eyes sparkling with hidden satisfaction. “Looks like I’ll be leaving now.”

“Will you leave me alone?” The girl questioned calmly as Anxiety began to walk away.

Anxiety turned halfway around, features blurry except for two radiant blue eyes, “That depends on you.”

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