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The Goodbyes We Guarantee

‘One foot in front of the other. Just keep going, step by step.’ The girl thought to herself. Maybe everything could be that simple. She immediately knew that was a lie. However, do we not all lie to ourselves at times?

The girl sighed as she took another step toward the boy before her. The boy who had shown her both love and pain at excruciatingly high levels. Levels which she did not know were even possible. Alas, their connection did not withstand the complications life threw their way. So the girl had prepared herself for the conversation they knew was coming. Preparation did little to ease the aching of her chest. Although, it did provide her a chance to consider what she wanted to say.

“I can still remember the day our love was born.” The girl paused and looked at the boy, her eyes full of sorrow. “And now I cry on the day our love died.”

The boy closed his eyes as pain etched itself into his features. “I never meant to hurt you. But, you let me down too.”

“I know.” The girl answered. “We both have different paths we wish to follow, yet we were trying to hold onto the past. I suppose we stretched ourselves too thin in the process. We’ve been tearing each other apart and calling it love.”

“I did love you. Maybe… maybe I still do.” The boy said softly.

The girl studied the boy’s expression for a moment. “I don’t think love is the right word anymore.”

“So this is the end? What happens now?” The boy asked the girl.

“I’m not entirely sure. Though I believe we are supposed to follow the paths that call out to us. We go our separate ways and carry on with our lives. It doesn’t mean this is goodbye forever. Maybe our lives will intertwine again. That’s the funny thing about life; we’re never really sure where it will take us.”

“What if we regret our choices and the paths we take?” The boy questioned.

“Life is short. The past will remain in the past. We don’t have time for regret, only improvement.” The girl crossed her arms and furrowed her eyebrows in thought. “The best thing we can do is keep trying and continue moving forward.”

“So we just become strangers again? Turn the other way if we see each other on the street?”

“It will take time for the pain we caused one another to fade. Giving each other distance will help the wounds scar over and heal.” The girl answered. Agony surfaced in her expression as raw, searing memories flooded her mind. “Well then, I guess the only thing left to say is goodbye.” The boy murmured as he surveyed the girl’s sorrowful face.

“It appears so.” The girl replied faintly.

“Goodbye.” The boy said softly, his features solemn.

As sudden tears threatened to escape through her eyelashes, the girl looked at the boy one last time and whispered the final farewell, “Goodbye.”

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